6 Keys To Create A Revolutionary Product Like The “Fidget Spinner”

Come on who hasn’t heard of it yet, the “fidget spinner” phenomenon is everywhere these days. 2 weeks ago I told my coworker about fidget spinners. At the time he or my other co-workers had absolutely zero idea of what I was talking about. Not anymore, he was the first guy in our business to go and order his very own fidget spinner about a day after I mentioned the thing. I never even told him to order, he just did it. Try the same with say, a Nintendo Gameboy. I mean who doesn’t remember playing the Nintendo, but who’d want one today? So what is it that currently makes the fidget spinner revolution literally outperform everything from Red Bull to Spaghetti? The answer is not too far removed from what made the Gameboy popular when it first came out.

1) Make Your Product Simple

The concept is extremely simple. Everything from the name down to the functionality and use of the fidget spinner is seriously simple. Most fidget spinners only consist of a handful of parts. The idea is to be able to place your thumb and your index finger on it and then to spin the middle part. That is the most basic concept of the fidget spinner and it is so simple that it resonates with people. At the same time it is scalable in terms of the skill that is applied to it. You can do lots and lots of different tricks with the thing if you want to.

2) Make Your Product Different & Brandnew

I think one of the most important and peculiar things about the fidget spinner is that the whole concept is totally new. It is a whole new brand category, similar to how energy drinks were unheard of before Red Bull hit the market back in the 1980’s. The concept of the fidget spinner is very novel, one gets the feeling that by jumping on it they are avant garde, ahead of the crowd, someone special. So make sure your product really stands out from the rest in your category, or if you can, invent a whole new category.

3) If You Can’t Code: Make It Analogue

Most fidget spinners are entirely analogue. That is not inherently strange but when you consider that younger generations spend most of their time in digitalized spheres like game landscapes or apps such as Snapchat or instagram, then to think that people would actually spend time with a tool that is entirely analogue is pretty damn strange! My rule of thumb is, if you can’t do something, either take time to master it or stay away from it and focus on your strengths instead. So if you can’t do digital products, then focus 100% on creating an analogue product.

4) Make A Product That Changes People’s State Of Mind

The fidget spinner utilizes some of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concepts from his bestselling book “Flow”. For example, the fidget spinner presents us with a very basic task that is easy to do: You hold it and you spin it. After that you can keep on building your skills on the fidget spinner in a structured manner. You always know what you are up to next and it all feels like play. Combine that with the trance inducing effects playing with your spinner brings after holding or looking at it for a while, then you’ll see that really the fidget spinner is an excellent toy to potentially enter a flow state. It makes time go by real fast and was originally conceived as a toy that would alleviate the symptoms of ADHD for a reason.

5) Utilize The Bandwagon Effect By Doing Free Giveaways

Once a mass phenomenon gains traction, it becomes very hard to stop it. So many people are using fidget spinners that the idea has received massive social proof. If everybody wants to have one we think it must be good. Besides that, if everybody wants to have one then we’d be left out if we didn’t. Very real concerns for popularity and importance emerg at least on a subconscious level, when thinking about the fidget spinner and its implications. So when you release a product, make sure you get it into many different hands so that the word can be spread fast. When a lot of people have it, others will want to have it too. One of the best ways to get lots of people to jump on the bandwagon soon is to utilize free giveaways. This by the way also builds trust in your brand.

6) Make It Affordable

The low barrier of entry makes the fidget spinner easily affordable. Even if you can’t afford one, they are easy to make and there are plenty of tutorials on how to make one on sites like Youtube. The inherent simplicity of the fidget spinner is also what makes it so cheap. You can literally print your own model using a 3D printer or simply order one on Ebay or Amazon for less than 5$ a piece. The beauty of this is that even a person who figures he doesn’t enjoy fidget spinning won’t feel like he’s been ripped off. While the investment may not exactly be as good as Berkshire Hathaway stocks, you won’t feel bad about it even if you don’t like to spin. This is an ideal product for salespeople, because it provides many benefits and nobody will be annoyed due to spending too much money. When you release your product, make sure it is cheap enough for everybody to have one. This way you make it inclusive and you make the transactions enjoyable for everybody involved including the salesperson who won’t feel any guilt.


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