Why You Should Learn To Code In Python

Remember that horrible acne infested geek with the massive glasses whom everybody used to avoid in school? He likely is the CEO of a successful startup now. Do you ever so often hear people complain that the economy is bad, wages are getting lower while taxes are increasing and inflation is on the rise? Everybody has this subtle feeling that the financial system¬†is not quite the way it should be right? People finish college and can’t find jobs. Strange…or maybe not!

Is The World Nearing Its End? 

During the last few decades since the personal computer has become available to the public, a lot of change has transpired, very transformational change that has effected pretty much every area of human life, and not just in the Western world. In fact, the Western world, strangely seems to be lagging behind hard when it comes to teaching people how to adapt to the change. The fact is, due to digitalization and associated massive trends like the social media revolution (who out of your friends is not on Facebook yet?) jobs are increasingly moving in a direction which is computer-centric and requires corresponding skills.

Due to a variety of factors, jobs which are non computer related are less and less in demand. As personal wealth in many Western countries has peaked, fewer people than every decided it would be necessary to adapt to the changing tides. Think about it, if you can live on credit and don’t actually need to work much, then why learn any of the new skills required in the 21st century? Simultaneously as machines are taking over a lot of manual and increasingly, non manual jobs, fewer people are required in the workplace. Businesses like Amazon.com are run almost entirely on software algorithms which must be maintained by a hive of tech geniuses but simultaneously manage a lot of the thought processes ordinarily reserved to manual labour and even management positions.

“But, Jeff Bezos Is Evil!”

You think the economy is in bad shape? Perhaps you’re in bad shape. Contrary to most of the ‘old’ jobs which are increasingly out of demand, tech related jobs like computer programming jobs, machine learning or AI related jobs are increasingly in demand. In fact, there aren’t enough people to fill those positions in the West, hence the constant call for highly qualified foreign workers from other places like Asia. If you think the current situation is somehow bad, think again, it’s going to get a lot worse if you keep living in that paradigm. Adapt to the times and learn skills that are going to be relevant in the future. It may be uncomfortable as hell in the short run to say, train your brain to think in terms of a programming language like Python, but in the long run, you will benefit tremendously because your skills be be in demand, you will have taught yourself to study and learn and solve problems, to think logically and solve difficult problems, and you will have a programming language which allows you to do everything from machine learning to programming your own AI and much more at your fingertips.

So tomorrow when you wake up and question the future, during your next visit to Youtube when you see conspiracy theorists yelling the end is near, pause for a moment and think for yourself. The truth is, yes the end is near, it may already be here…for a lot of those old jobs which are no longer needed. At the same time however the future is here for those willing to grab it and learn the tech skills which are in ever increasing demand. Tech is difficult, tech, to begin with is extremely unsexy. Not a lot of people want to do that and that is fantastic news. Those who will invest the time and energy to study tech related skills and to master them are the winners of today and will be the winners of the future era. Even if you were unable to get a job today, if you had the skills to run your own website and ecommerce store you would be in a great position to still earn money, perhaps more so than in any job.

Why I Decided To Learn To Program Python

Python according to various websites including Wikipedia is a widely used high-level programming language ideal for general purpose programming. Let this one sink in: The language was originally conceived in the 1980’s and is still relevant today. When you think about how quickly the world, especially the tech world is currently developing, it strikes me as relatively unusual that a programming language would survive that long. Heck, is it not even more unusual that it is perhaps more relevant today than it ever has been in it’s almost 4 decade long history!? Don’t get me wrong, due to its flexibility and relative simplicity and its high level applicability, Python has always been important. But as we look ahead into the 3rd decade of the 21st Century, Python will serve many interesting functions, from deep learning to Artificial Intelligence programming and even web applications. The language is so versatile that it will allow you to code your own computer games. Why did I decide to learn Python? To be honest, Python in my view is currently the language with the greatest appeal for somebody just starting out to code.

How Am I Learning How To Code Python?

Simple, first I scanned Youtube for all the free courses which are out there already. There are several videos which purport to explain all you need to know in less than an hour, and they are awesome. There is also a free Python Course on Codeacademy. You might also be able to pick up some good second hand books on the subject on Amazon and similar sites. Generally speaking I believe that it all really depends on your intent. Do you want to become amazing at coding, do you want to raise your personal profile and achieve new levels of success in life or do you prefer to stick with your current opportunities? I think Python will open up a lot of opportunities for anybody willing to learn it, especially with AI and Machine learning continuously gaining relevance. So soak up all the free information that is already out there. I also set small challenges. For example at first I simply wanted to code a simple calculator, then I set more challenging goals like coding my own game. While my first attempts weren’t the best that has ever been coded in Python, far from it, these tasks are getting me closer and closer to my personal goal of mastering Python by mid 2018.